Triple Topping is looking for a student intern for the Fall semester 2022!

Hi student!

First of all

Don’t ever ever hesitate to apply. We want to meet you! We encourage EVERYONE to apply and to share this opening, especially with people who are underrepresented in the industry.

Most of us in Triple Topping started as interning, it’s an important step to test your learning from education in a safe work environment.

  • You must be a part of an internship education program to apply: We believe internships are not a job, but a part of your education.
  • You are the center: We only take one intern in Triple Topping at a time, we do so to ensure we can help and support you in your education the best possible way.
  • We accept applications from all fields: Together we will find a project that suits both you and us. It’s super important to us that you feel comfortable and that you learn something during your internship here.

Danish Students

International Students

  • Our goal is to expand our program to include students from anywhere in the world, but this time around we are only taking students from education programs in Denmark.

About Triple Topping

We are a Copenhagen based indie studio and in September we released our game Welcome to Elk. Now we have a new secret project in the works.

Our team is quite small and consists of

  • Karina she/her: 2D artist
  • Anne Louise she/her: Animation
  • Andreas he/him: Audio and Music
  • Simon he/him: Programmer and game design, Co-founder of Triple Topping
  • Astrid she/her: CEO, biz dev and producer Co-founder of Triple Topping
  • Jonathan he/him: programmer, mainly porting
  • Ida she/her: writer
  • Inna she/her: Concept Art
  • Ame they/them: Community, Marketing
  • Jakob he/him: Concept Art

If you are curious about how we work at Triple Topping you can find our employee handbook and contract here:

What we are making

If you want to check out what kinds of games we make, Welcome to Elk is a good place to look.

Welcome to Elk is a biographical adventure set on an island like no other, where every character you encounter has a story to tell. From the weird and wonderful to the dark and desperate, all the tales told on Elk are based on true stories of life on the road less traveled.

More about Welcome to Elk:

Our games are 2D, not networked, narrative in nature and have low spec requirements, so we can develop quickly and have more time to care for all the small details that make a game great.

What we can offer

  • Cozy office in Copenhagen
  • Lunch
  • Amazing people and games

You should be able to work locally at our office in central Copenhagen.

Submitting an application

Application submission happens through this nifty website.

What to include:

First of all, don’t worry too much about writing long letters, just say a friendly hi and add a portfolio if you have one.

  • Where you are studying
  • Time for the internship
  • What you wish to learn

The process

  • This time we are looking for Fall semester 2022
  • You can apply until May 13.
  • Interviews will be in the week of May 16-19
  • We hope to give everyone an answer by May 19

If you have any questions about the position or application, we’ll try our best to answer your questions at astrid(at)